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Here are some of my members updates... xoxo Michelle
Naughty In The Kitchen
62 Pictures
I decided to get out my sexy new lingerie and tease hubby before dinner time. I went shopping earlier and found this sexy sheer black lingerie that I knew would drive him wild. Cum find out what happened... xoxo Michelle
I brought a friend home honey...
85 Pics
 I recently met a new guy and I told my husband about him. I told him that I really wanted him to fuck me while he watched. Kraig was turned on by the idea and agreed to let Trent come over for some action. Cum see what happened... xoxo Michelle
Itsy Bitsy Blue Bikini
78 Pics
I bought this really tiny itty bitty bikini online the other day and decided to give a little naughty dance for my members. Here are the pictures we took yesterday....cum inside to see full set. xoxo Michelle
Slutty Strip Tease on the Stairs
80 Pics
 There is nothing I enjoy more than being totally naked during the middle of the afternoon. I am a bit of an exhibitionist at heart. Come watch me get naked and naughty in this photo set. xxx Michelle
Pattern Stockings with Pink Pussy Shots 85 Pics
 I love buying sexy lingerie and stockings. I found this hot little white outfit online and just had to have it. When It arrived I decided to greet hubby at the door wearing it. Cum see the full set....
Polka Dot Bikini ~ Lots of Sexy Close-ups 67 Pics
 I get a lot of requests for more bikini shots....this is a bikini I have had for years....I love wearing it, and love to take it off even more. Cum watch as I tease his cock and strip down for him.... (cum inside to view full set)
Threesome 95 Pics
 I love to bring different men home to fuck me while my husband either watches or gets involved. In this set hubby got excited and had to join in and fuck me while I sucked him off. (cum inside to view full set)
Michelle came over and we got carried away... 110 Pics
 My good friend Michelle comes over a lot to hang out. Today we were trying on some sexy dresses that we were going to wear out on the town. As we were getting ready we got a little horny and decided to fuck around a little bit.... (cum inside to view full set)
I met him at the club honey, can I keep him?
95 Pics
 I met Scott a little while back and knew I had to have him over for some fun. Kraig agreed to let him come over so that he could watch him fuck me..... (cum inside to view full set)
Members Request~ Sexy Black Sheer Stockings
87 Pics
 I went out to the mall today and brought along my members request list. I love hearing what you would like to see me wearing. In this set I wear lace top sheer black stockings.... (cum inside to view full set)
Hot in Purple~ Cum Give Me Your Cock...
85 Pics
 I found this sexy purple lingerie and matching purple stockings and knew that I had to wear it for my site. I couldn't wait for hubby to get the camera out so I could tease and strip down, spreading my legs and exposing my pink pussy. (cum inside to view full set)
Please Titty Fuck Me...
67 Pics
 Mmmm....I just love a good titty fucking. Cum see this set of me getting a nice hard cock between my 32D boobies. I love watching that cock coming at my face in anticipation of that hot cum. (cum inside to view full set)
She tastes sooo sweet!
65 Pics
 Michelle and I were feeling extra horny today & just had to get naked and touch each other. Her skin is so soft and smooth, I just love the taste of her sweet little pussy. (cum inside to view full set)
Hot Little Black Teddy~ Showing you my bum baby ;) 75 Pics
 I had a lot of requests for shots focusing on my bum....(ass ;).... So Kraig brought out the camera and started snapping off some shots while I slowly stripped down and spread my ass for the camera. (cum inside to view full set)
Members Request~ Thanks Tim For The Lingerie!!
80 Pics
 I received this sexy lingerie in the mail and just had to wear it for you right away. It was this extra sexy and delicate blue lingerie with matching blue stockings with a seam up the back. I just love stockings and enjoyed getting dressed up and stripping down for you in this set: (cum inside to view full set)
Having 2 Cocks For Lunch...
65 Pics
 I love having two hard cocks in my makes me feel like such a naughty little slut. Hubby knows how much I love it and lets me bring home different men to share our bed. (cum inside to view full set)
Mmm Honey He eats me so well!! I am gonna cum!
55 Pics
 Scott was so good at fucking me, but even better at going down on me! I came so hard and so many times that I lost count. Cum watch his tounge up close against my swollen pink clit. (cum inside to view full set)
White stockings, stripping down for you this today
68 Pics
 In this set I wear some sexy pink designer lingerie and white sheer stockings and heels. I got down on the floor and showed you my sweet tiny clit and hard pink nipples.... (cum inside to view full set)
Getting ready to go out with the girls...
74 Pics
 I was getting ready to go out on the town when Kraig came out with the camera. He wanted to get some shots of me all dolled up before I went out on the search for new men to play with. (cum inside to view full set)
I have something to show you...
64 Pics
 I have something very sexy to show you. I want to show you my titties up close and personal. I want you to see every little bump on my tiny pink nipples...I want you to imagine sucking on them while I touch myself.... (cum inside to view full set)
Using my strap-on on her juicy little pussy...
55 Pics
 Sometimes I just feel like playing with girls. In this set I get out my brand new strap on. It was the first time I had used it and it took a little getting used to at first....but once I got my rhythm out! I was fucking like a champ! xoxo Michelle (cum inside to view full set)
His Cock Is So Much Bigger than yours honey!!
65 Pics
 Oh wow, Scotts cock was so HUGE that I couldn't get enough of it. Cum watch me suck him off and get a huge load of cum all over my lips and tongue. I just LOVE the taste of cum. (cum inside to view full set)
Let me give you a little show~ hot stripper pants
72 Pics
 I bought this little stripper outfit at a local sex shop near my house. It has super tight little hot pants and matching tank top. It leaves very little to the imagination, cum watch me give a sexy strip tease for you....xoxo Michelle (cum inside to view full set)
Panty Play~ Fetish Pics~ Members Request
59 Pics
 I had a few emails requesting to see me playing with my panties with my teeth. I thought it was a sexy idea and got all dolled up in my pink and purple lingerie and stockings. Kraig took these shots of me engaging in some sexy panty play. xoxo Michelle (cum inside to view full set)
I love doggy style~ cum watch me strip and assume the position!
89 Pics
 I just love it from behind and love taking a new man's cock while my hubby watches. In this set hubby took a bunch of pictures of me stripping down and getting down on all fours to take it doggy. (cum inside to view full set)
A little afternoon snack...
83 Pics
 I felt extra horny this afternoon while making a snack in the kitchen. I just started getting naked and crawling around on the countertops....spreading my pink pussy...I couldn't help but slide my fingers over my silky clit and get off...mmmm I taste soooo good.! xoxo Michelle (cum inside to view full set)
Up Close Hardcore Sex Pics With Scott...
89 Pics
 I had a lot of requests for photos showing me getting penetrated nice and close. I had hubby take these shots of me fucking my good friend Scott....his cock is so big and hard, I just LOVE it. xoxo Michelle. (cum inside to view full set)
Lots More Inside!!! xoxo Michelle





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